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"Comprehensive and Personal Healthcare "

Concierge Workers Comp
Concierge Workers Comp

United Concierge Medicine (UCM) provides a comprehensive and personal virtual care model that is creating a foundation of true Worker's Compensation change for employers. The UCM Employee Concierge Clinic includes a Worker's Compensation option providing assessment, triage, and treatment for common workplace injuries.

Employees Receive

  • Initial non-life threatening injury assessment
  • Appropriate first aid treatment protocols
  • Medication and/or Physical Therapy prescribed if needed
  • Medical documentation - Injury Report and Return To Work
  • Referral to specialist or ongoing care as needed

Employers Save By

  • Reduce unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits
    • Our Consults never hit your plan's claim experience
  • Appropriate utilization of services
    • Redirect care to faster and more effective setting than ER or Urgent Care
    • Order X-rays and labs
    • Prescribe Physical Therapy
  • Reduce unnecessary time away from work
    • Our goal is to get employees back to work
    • Immediate access and reporting
    • Early diagnoses/faster recovery

“I have been working as a safety and health professional as well as worker's compensation coordinator for several years. I must say this service has been great! This places the employee at ease as they have sustained an injury. UCM has made appointments for employees to have x-rays, written necessary prescriptions, and most importantly provided competent medical advice via phone, pictures, and video. The physician's will also call and check up on our employee the day after or in the days following the injury according to the medical plan. In many cases our employees have bypassed unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms.”

-Bill Roe,
Senior Occupational Health Administrator, Taconic Biosciences



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