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"The New Front Door of Healthcare"


We offer a branded, customizable virtual concierge solution.

You control the message, pricing, providers and operations — make it your own virtual health program. Or just sit back and let us provide the full solution with our trusted leadership and providers.

Here's just some of the ways we can help you build your program:

  • Employee health
  • Reducing readmissions or length of stays
  • Virtual nursing home care
  • On call coverage
  • Virtual urgent cares
  • Virtual ERs
  • Virtual primary cares
  • A partnership programs with local employers or colleges

...we can be there every step of the way.

Benefits For Your Organization

  • Increase Revenue: Grow your practice without adding more providers, expanding hours or building more space. Plus free up more office visit time for those patients that need you most.

  • Decrease Costs: You save when patients stay healthier and when minor medical complaints can be handled without administrative and clinical overhead of brick and mortar consults.

  • Improve Patient Access: Community outreach for rural patients, homebound patients, busy professionals and families.

  • Increase Quality: Improved patient compliance, follow-up and continuity of care.

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: Patients love the ease of access and convenience of being treated by phone, text, email and video.

  • Improve Provider Satisfaction: Strategically use providers with telemedicine interest, allowing other providers less on-call time. Work less, earn more

  • Manage Population Health: Target specific populations based on your needs. Decrease re-admissions, increase follow-up, shift care away from expensive, unnecessary and uncoordinated ER care to concierge and primary care.

  • Stay Competitive: National telemedicine companies, urgent cares and retail clinics are already offering convenient alternatives for your patients.

Why Concierge Telemedicine?

  • Dedicated group of management and providers become extensions of your brand

  • Leverage our expertise to help you launch a program immediately

  • Build a sustainable and scalable solution for many service lines

  • Experience: leadership with unparalleled telemedicine experience

  • Quality: ATA-SEAL ATA accredited Evidence-based practice tailored to telemedicine care with rigorous training and QI

  • Security: Hand-selected industry leaders back UCM’s HIPAA-compliant technology and infrastructure with over 100 million users

  • Support: Full administrative and clinical support

  • Flexibility: We work with you to find the right solution that fits your needs

  • Affordable: Pricing that makes ROI easy to achieve

Join United Concierge Medicine!

  • Earn Income: Well-paid telemedicine shifts and full malpractice coverage
  • Flexible Schedules: Work shifts that fit your lifestyle from home or on the road
  • Training and Support: By joining UCM you will be trained and supported to the highest standards. You will become an expert in delivering the highest quality concierge care
  • Collaboration: Work with local brokers, business, colleges, schools, insurers, pharmacies, practices and health systems in the region
  • Rewarding Care: Treat patients the way you always dreamed you would: Affordably, Compassionately and Conveniently



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