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Introducing Your Employee Concierge Clinic

Healthy Employees: Stronger Companies With Concierge Medicine.

From Belcam's standpoint, the United Concierge Medicine program has once again proved to be a very effective way to help control benefit costs while at the same time adding considerable value for our employees.

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Our 2016 medical benefits costs are actually below 2015 costs, primarily because by being able to offer Concierge coverage free of charge to any employee participating in Belcam’s High Deductible insurance option, we were able to design an offering that was very attractive. Our high deductible option is actually the equivalent of the NYS Exchange Silver plan and with the enhanced coverage provided by your service, more than 50% of our employees are now enrolled in that high deductible plan. In addition to a 15% reduction in costs to the company, our employees are also seeing a 12% reduction in their costs for 2016. Needless to say in this day and age of continuing cost increases, this is a very significant. savings. Also, one of our employees recently took advantage of your service while they were away over the holidays and came to us to let us know how very well they had been looked after. Comments included – short wait time for a return call; very courteous and professional service; and what impressed them the most was the follow up call from the physician a few days later to make sure that all was well.

— Fran Wynnik, H.R. Manager, Belcam Inc.

We are proud to be a repeat “Best Places to Work” award recipient, and we continually strive to give our employees meaningful and cost effective benefits.

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We were considering creating an onsite medical office in our Main Office, but our many branch employees would not have benefitted easily from that due to distance and time constraints. We were very excited this past January, while preparing for a Spring open enrollment, to learn about United Concierge and offered it to our employees for the first time this past June. We have nothing but positive feedback about the quality and promptness of care UCM has provided. One of our employees recently thanked our CEO personally for offering United Concierge Medicine as a benefit at Pioneer. She had suffered with a migraine for 3 days, made a call to UCM, and was so relieved to receive a call back within 2 minutes! She was able to get treated right away, get back to work quickly, and pointed out to our CEO that UCM saved her at least 2 hours of personal time (driving to doctor, waiting, etc…) and probably $200 in co-pays. In her words, “ I hope more people will take advantage of this fantastic service. Thank you.”

— Susan Vernooy, Senior VP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Since offering United Concierge Medicine as a benefit, we have received nothing but positive feedback from our employees.

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By using this unique benefit, our employees save time by not having to go anywhere and save money on co-pays and deductibles. And, the convenience of the benefit encourages employees who typically would not go to a doctor to actually get the quality care they need. I would highly recommend this benefit to any company that is considering it.

— Anne Johnson, HR Manager for GTM Payroll Services Inc.

Since the chamber began partnering with United Concierge Medicine in early 2015, we have found the service to be a great addition to our health care coverage.

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Our employees, many with children, have found the medical staff to be very knowledgeable and a valuable alternative when getting to a doctor’s office is not possible. United Concierge Medicine’s prompt customer service, post-treatment patient follow-up, and level of attention to clients do not go unnoticed.

— Kate Ollier, President, Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce

The City Mission and its employees have benefited greatly from the services of UCM. First, as a senior manager the culture and morale of our organization is always a top priority with me.

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Employees that feel cared for, listened to, and understood are more engaged and in-turn deliver better services to those they come into contact with in the work-place. As multiple members of our staff began to utilize UCM and experience BIG savings, excellent service, and reduced headaches normally associated with going to the doctor’s, the positive impact on morale was palpable. With the rising costs of health insurance many of our employees have opted for more affordable high-deductible plans. While premiums are much lower, the out-of-pocket costs associated with sick and other routine doctor’s visits can be high and really take a toll on a family’s budget. So, when this past winter, which was unusually difficult in terms of weather and illness, several staff members and their families were able to utilize UCM’s services and not have to spend money on urgent care and sick visits, they were VERY grateful. I know of multiple families, mine being one of them, that saved hundreds of dollars on medical costs as various illnesses swept through their homes. We calculated that one family of five in particular saved close to $1,000 in just a few months! Offering UCM’s services to your employees says we know that medical and health insurance costs have really taken a toll on your household budget and we’d like to help reduce that burden…We also noticed that the ease of being treated by phone instead of scheduling in-person appointments or spending hours in urgent cares and emergency rooms was very helpful. Our employees shared with us that this was especially valuable when dealing with their children’s issues…what previously necessitated taking time-off from work is now handled with a phone call and quick stop at the pharmacy! One last point to mention, UCM is a great way to offer part-time employees a healthcare benefit at a very reasonable cost. While the services provided by UCM are not meant to replace health insurance, they do provide a really great benefit to part-time employees that would normally not receive any such benefits. Again, what a great way to express to your staff that they matter.

— Christopher Silipigno, Associate Executive Director, Schenectady City Mission

Quality Healthcare for your Employees

Healthy Bottom Line for your Business

Your Business Savings

$$$Self Insured Entities

We provide dollar for dollar savings every time a member can be treated via telemedicine versus going to the ER, urgent care center or their regular doctors office. Because we are local we can order x-rays, labs and provide appropriate referrals unlike the national telemedicine providers.

Self-Insured? Here are your Claims

Average ER visit cost

Average Urgent Care visit cost

Average Doctor visit cost

United Concierge Medicine Benefits




Unlimited visits

Every consult with us saves you hundreds of dollars

$$High Deductible Plans

Employers can save thousands of dollars by transitioning their employees to these types of plans. Our service helps make that transition more palatable to employees as they are now going to be faced with higher out of pocket cost. United Concierge Medicine can help limit these out of pocket costs.

Employee traditional insurance average cost

Employee on high deductible plan

Savings per employee

Example savings for a 100 employee group





$Decreased work absenteeism

Time is money. We save both. Whether it is due to an illness or doctor’s appointments our members miss less work.

$Increased productivity

Healthy employees are productive employees. Because our service is easy to access and affordable individuals seek treatment earlier in the course of their illness and by doing so will get better sooner.

$Easy set up:

Just send us your employees demographic information and we take care of the rest. We are not tied to open enrollment. You can start, add or subtract employees anytime.

You Can’t Afford To Be Sick Without United Concierge Medicine Benefits
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Your Employees & Families Save

Example Of Family Annual Savings

1 ER visit saved

2 urgent care visits saved

3 doctors visits saved

Bill saver helped reduce one bill

Health Advocate researched lowest cost for testing

Prescription discounts

Total Savings

Your valuable time savings









United Concierge Medicine Benefits

UCM is the premier provider of concierge medicine services which provides the industries only employee virtual health practice. Your virtual practice is available for employees 24/7. We use every day technology such as phone, video and secure messaging to connect your employees to our doctors. Your virtual practice will diagnose, prescribe medications, order lab/x-rays and even refer employees to local PCPs and specialist. By providing ease of access and quality care, we cut costs by improving health and reducing unnecessary urgent care and emergency room visits. Our employee virtual health practice will become part of your organizations health and wellness culture.

Our practice is one of just a handful of organizations in the entire country that is accredited by the American Telemedicine Association for our quality, transparency and security. We provide a small group of dedicated providers to you that become experts in delivering medical care to your employees. Because we dedicate a small group of expert telemedicine providers to your organization and use the latest technology to optimize efficiency, we provide the highest quality, collaborative care that is unparalleled in the industry.

At UCM it is our core mission to treat patients and business partners like we treat our friends and family. We not only provide diagnosis and treatment of many common disorders, but in conjunction with strategic partners we can even treat more serious conditions helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. If we believe the condition is beyond our scope we can refer to PCPs or specialists. We can also answer simple to complex medical questions and are committed to following up with patients after our initial consultation.

  • 24/7 Concierge Medicine consults
  • Prescriptions when appropriate
  • Order labs and x-rays when appropriate
  • Wellness solutions
  • Bill Saver
  • Health advocate
  • Health coaching and weight loss
  • Prescription drug discounts

United Concierge Medicine Health and Wellness

“Dedicated To Providing Your Business/Organization A Personal Touch”

Benefits of Designing Your Customizable Health and Wellness Solution

  • Choose the most effective programs while managing costs
  • Attract new talent and retain current employees
  • Respond quickly to healthcare changes
  • Greater productivity, less absenteeism
  • Improved employee engagement in employee sponsored health benefits
  • Reduction in long term health care cost
  • Health & Weight Loss Coaching * Health & Wellness Education * Health & Wellness Clinics
  • Your Companies Needs

If you would like to sign your business or organization up please call us at 844-4-VIP-DOC (844-484-7362) or send us a message and we would be happy to sign you up.

*In accordance with New York State law some diagnostic and treatment services may have a small patient care fee.

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