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“We will soon have placed nearly 10,000 lives with UCM in just a little over a year, and I keep hearing the same feedback over and over. 'I tried that concierge services we offered, it was a fantastic experience'”


“My wife is now a patient of UCM and she was amazed. What? A Doctor who calls you back to check on you! She now has the Doctor/patient relationship that she never had even with the downtown physician office – and never at an urgent care - where you are just another patient passing through.”


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  • Differentiate Yourself by providing Concierge Medicine
  • Bring true value and ROI to your clients
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  • Simply sign up with your credit card to our secure site or by calling 1-844–4–VIP–DOC (1-844-484-7362).
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  • Once you are a member you can contact us via phone, email or video conference whenever you need us.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that anytime, anywhere you have access to local, caring health care providers.



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