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Concierge Group Home
Concierge Group Home

Customized to the facilities needs, UCM provides your nursing/direct support staff with immediate access to Emergency Medicine providers who can provide diagnoses and treatment for your consumers and employees.

What We Do

  • 24/7 Phone and Video Emergency Medicine Trained MD/PA Consults
  • Diagnoses, Prescribe Medication, Order Labs
  • Medication Verification, PRN Orders, Medication Refusals
  • Real Time Medical Records and Documentation of Consults
  • Employee Concierge Clinic

Why You Win

  • Reduce Unnecessary Urgent Care/ER Visits and Hospital Admissions
  • Meet Ever Growing Regulatory Demands
  • Reduce On-call Medical Costs and Overtime
  • Peace of Mind for Staff, Patients, and Family
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs, Mental Health Costs, and Workers Comp Costs

“Like most organizations that provide 24-hour service to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Lifespire was finding it very hard to find RN's who were willing to provide 24 hour on call duty. A secondary concern is that in many instances we suspected that the RN's who were providing on call services were sending our clients to the Emergency Rooms or Urgent Cares because they worried that if they did not send a person, that their decision would be "second guessed" by the regulatory entities that oversee our operations. The fact that an ER physician is making the decisions including diagnosis and treatment plans about whether and individual should be taken to an ER has significantly reduced the number of "unnecessary" trips to the ER and has resulted in overall savings to my organization. Additionally, UCM has the ability to electronically connect with our pharmacy. If someone needs medication, UCM can immediately prescribe the medication and pharmacy can deliver to the residential site very quickly. My Nurses love the system and my staff feel very comfortable the they are getting professional medical advice from a physician. I would highly recommend UCM to any organization that is providing 24 hour care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

-Mark van Voorst, CEO,
Lifespire, Inc

“We highly recommend UCM to any company that is considering it.”

-William T. Gettman Jr,
CEO Northern Rivers Family Services

“Word has spread throughout our organization as more and more people use the service and the feedback from our valued employees has been overwhelmingly positive. The benefit has managed to save employees money and has also helped to lower the Agency’s health insurance utilization and has kept more money in our employee’s pockets.”

-Heather Richard,
Chief Human Resources, Coarc



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