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Troy, NY: March 15, 2017.

Growth and Expansion in Telemedicine Means a New Brand for Upstate Concierge Medicine

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Upstate Concierge Medicine, the premier provider of virtual concierge medical care is rebranding to United Concierge Medicine and is introducing the new and improved UCMnow platform and mobile app. In just 3 short years, United Concierge Medicine has gone from providing access to a few thousand patients in Upstate NY, to over 100,000 patients across the country who now have access to their concierge telemedicine services.

"The growth of UCM has been amazing and we are expecting even more accelerated growth in the near future," says Keith Algozzine, CEO of United Concierge Medicine. "While our roots and central operations are in upstate New York, we needed a name and brand that better reflected who we are today and where we are going in the future."

While most of UCM's initial growth has come from within New York State, they are now seeing rapid growth from other areas across the country. Many organizations now want to offer virtual concierge care to improve quality, increase access, and reduce healthcare costs. Some examples include employers, brokers, technology corporations, health information systems, colleges, wellness companies, travel assistance programs, health systems, union benefit funds and many more. As part of the new UCM services and expansion, in addition to their most popular offering of an employee concierge clinic, they now offer Workers’ Compensation, college health, mental health, virtual urgent care and nursing/residential home telemedicine solutions.

"It's really quite simple." Says Dr. Michael Bibighaus, Chief Medical Officer for UCM.

"When you combine convenience and affordability, with high quality, compassionate, and personal medical care that patient’s trust, everyone wins." The timing of the brand change also comes as UCM launches its new and improved virtual care platform called UCMnow.

"Whether it's private labeling our platform and app so other healthcare organizations can leverage our technology and telemedicine expertise, or providing our patients with the latest technology, the UCMnow platform is designed to help deliver the most convenient and secure healthcare," Algozzine says.

About United Concierge Medicine

United Concierge Medicine is the premier provider of virtual concierge medical care. We connect providers to patients 24/7 using every day technology such as phone, text, video and secure messaging. We can diagnose, prescribe medications, order lab/x-rays and even refer to local PCPs and specialist. By providing ease of access and quality care, we cut costs by removing barriers, improving health and reducing unnecessary urgent care and emergency room visits. Our business to business solutions allow employers, colleges, healthcare organizations and insurers to leverage our providers, technology and expertise to provide virtual healthcare services under their brand.

UCM is only one of a few organizations in the entire country that is accredited by the American Telemedicine Association for our quality, transparency and security. We provide a group of dedicated providers that become experts in delivering our clients telemedicine solution and use the latest technology to optimize efficiency.

At UCM it is our core mission to treat patients and partners like we treat our friends and family. We not only provide diagnosis and treatment of many common disorders, but in conjunction with strategic partners we can even treat more complex conditions helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. If we believe the condition is beyond our scope, we can refer to PCPs or specialists. We can also answer simple to complex medical questions and are committed to follow up with patients after our initial consultation.




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